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Friday, 17 January 2020

How to Understand a Summer Cleansing Fast

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The purpose of this fast, which was once a common practice of the North American Indian tribes and is still recommended by dieticians today, is to clean a great deal of your internal system, one step at a time. Each day of this four-day fast is designed to target a special area of your body. Once you've read this eHow, check out "How to Do a Summer Cleansing Fast" (see Related eHows) to get started.

1.            Understand that by eating light, easily digestible foods for several days, you give your vital organs the time they need to empty, clean and rejuvenate themselves.

2.            Realize that a day of eating only fruits is an excellent way of allowing your system to empty and cleanse your colon. For this reason, on the first day of this fast you may eat all the fruit you want (with the exception of bananas), but nothing else.

3.            Enjoy the benefits of releasing toxins, salts and calcium deposits in the muscles, tissues and organs on the second day.

4.            Supply mineral-rich bulk to the digestive tract on the third day.

5.            Provide valuable minerals to the blood, lymph and inner organs on the fourth day.

6.            Realize that plenty of liquid flowing through your body helps flush your system clean. When your system is not clogged up by other foods, this flushing is even more effective.

                Avoid heavy exercise during the fast. Some light yoga, stretching, gardening or walking are excellent ways to stimulate your metabolism and aid the processes of the fast, but hard exercise will distract your body. It is important, however, to begin exercising regularly immediately after the fast.

                An internal bath at the end of the fast is an excellent way to aid your body in expelling toxins that have accumulated in your colon during the fast.


                Consult your health care provider before going on this fast, especially if you have diabetes, heart disease, ulcerative colitis or epilepsy; if you are under 18 or underweight; or if you are taking any medication.

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