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Friday, 17 January 2020

How to Plan Bridal Shower Games

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Here are some fun and easy games to play at a bridal shower. Improvise a bit for a baby shower.

Bridal Bingo

1.            Make bingo cards prior to the bridal shower. You can use the bride-to-be's name as the letters across the top if it's not too long.

2.            Give each guest a bingo card and pencil.

3.            Have each guest fill in the spaces with what gifts they think the new bride will be getting. Have them cross off the items as the bride-to-be opens her gifts.

4.            Declare as the winner the first person to cross off an entire horizontal, vertical or diagonal line.

Bride's Recipes

1.            Purchase a recipe card file box and recipe cards for the bride-to-be.

2.            Give each guest a recipe card and a pen or pencil.

3.            Have the guests write down their favorite recipe.

4.            Declare as the winner the person whose recipe sounds yummiest. You can also name as a winner the person whose recipe card is most artistic.

                You may want to send blank recipe cards with the shower invitations so the guests can fill them out at their leisure.

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