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Friday, 17 January 2020

How to Apply Pressure to Points When You Doing Shiatsu in 2020

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Shiatsu, which means "finger pressure," is Japanese acupressure that has been used for centuries to diagnose and treat illness. Shiatsu techniques stimulate the flow of ki (energy) in the meridians (energy channels) to encourage balance and health.

1.            Think of an acupressure point as a well of energy flowing into a meridian, or an energy flow, just like a river flows into a swimming hole.

2.            Find an acupressure point by using anatomical landmarks and touch sensitivity. Points are often found in a hollow, a groove in a bone, or in a depression between muscles or muscle fibers. (Image 1)

3.            Use the pad - not the tip - of your thumb, index finger or middle finger when applying pressure to the points. (Image 2)

4.            Slide your finger along a bone or muscle until you find a hollowed area or a protrusion. Vary your pressure from very light to deep. Note that you can still feel the pressure point when your touch is very light. (Image 3)

5.            Apply pressure to the point using a light to moderate touch depending on your sensitivity. Use enough pressure to feel the tension or hardness when on a tense point. If the pain is so great that you're unable to take a deep breath, you're applying too much pressure.

6.            Allow the movement of ki (energy) to guide the depth of pressure. Let your fingers sink into the point as you apply pressure gradually. Apply and release pressure to encourage the point to open and to promote the flow of energy.

7.            Massage the point by making tiny circular movements with your finger. (Image 4)

8.            Hold the point until you feel a movement or change beneath your touch. This may be felt as a softening or warmth.

                Many people believe that "dis-ease" or symptoms of illness manifest in the mind and body when there's an imbalance in the flow of ki. Therefore we can promote wellness by using pressure to disperse congested energy and to gather energy to areas of depletion.

                Be gentle but firm.  Bruising at the acupressure point is common when too much pressure is applied.

                Pressure that's too light will be ineffective in releasing deep tension, whereas pressure that's too painful will cause a constricting response in the meridian and create muscular tension.

                Although pressure points are normally slightly sensitive to touch, when energy flow is imbalanced, points may be very sensitive or numb and insensitive.

                Too much pressure will occlude the point and inhibit the flow of energy.

                Specific acupressure points may be contraindicated with certain medical conditions. If you are pregnant or under the care of a physician, consult an acupuncturist, acupressurist or your physician before using self-acupressure.

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